“One epic adventure with amazing people and beautiful views of wild, rugged country” – Tyler K

Each year we take approximately 25 volunteer who are willing to spend 10 days in Big Bend. Selection is made based on event needs and your prior volunteer and endurance sports experience, language skills, abilities and motivation. Volunteers must be 21 years of age and older. Applications and selection is made on an ongoing basis. Besides one of the most unique and memorable experiences, you’ll make life-long friends and get tons of free stuff!

Free Inclusions as a Volunteer

Hotel Benefits

3 nights – double occupancy starting Friday before race

Food & Beverage

6 meals starting from breakfast on Saturday before race (must bring own food during race)

Group Campsites

Space in a 10-person tepee tent with access to electricty during the race.

Awards Ceremony

Join us at the post-race banquet and awards ceremony – party like a rockstar!

Photography Package

After the race get complimentary access to a selection of race photos for personal use.

Unique Big Bend Experience

Without a doubt this is the most epic adventure in Big Bend – guaranteed!


Camp Team

Volunteers work under the direction of event staff to setup, tear-down, and re-position camp each day. This work can be physically demanding but provides ample time to rest once all tasks are completed. This is a great position for people with an knowledge or interest in outdoor infrastructure, sustainability, and logistics. Volunteers on the camp team will have opportunities to meet other volunteers and competitors throughout the race.

Course Team

Only 2-3 selected individuals will join the Course Team, working under the direction of the Race Director and/or Course Manager to ensure the accuracy and safety of the course each day. Wake up calls are exceptionally early – between 4-5 am so that the course team can get out to check the course before the day’s race starts; however, work finishes early. Notably, the course team spends the most time flagging the course with stakes and/or ribbon and roving as necessary throughout the race. Applicants should possess high fitness as days can require up to 15 miles on foot. Experience with GPS navigation and knowledge of wilderness education or survival skills recommended.

Checkpoint Team (including "Sweepers")

Under the direction of the Race Director, volunteers on the checkpoint team have many responsibilities which provide close contact with the competitors. Checkpoints are located approximately every 6-10 miles along the course and responsible to keep track of the competitors during the race and relay any pertinent messages to the Race Director. Checkpoints are usually staffed with two volunteers, one medical staff, and one driver. The following equipment are brought to each checkpoint: 1) pop-up tent shelter, 2) extra flags and banners, 3) water, 4) table, chair, and stools, 5) communication devices, and 6) emergency equipment – a hot water source will also be available at the overnight checkpoint during Stage 5 when participants are allowed to sleep at designated overnight checkpoint(s) located after the 35th mile. Timing for the checkpoint team is usually 6am wakeup, 7am departure to position, and return to camp at various times throughout the day as all the competitors pass a checkpoint. Note: A special perk for checkpoint team volunteers is to serve as a “sweeper” who will get the chance to traverse the course. Sweepers stay behind the last competitor and pick up course markings. Sweepers require only general fitness as the pace is usually only a regular walking pace; total distance ranges from 6-20 miles per day, based on fitness and interest.

Medical Team

A group of 3-5 qualified medical providers serve as the Medical Team under general direction of the Medical Director and Race Director. Daily tasks include but are not limited to the provision of care and liaison at checkpoint, coverage at the ‘medical’ tent at camp, on course provision of care – usually serving as a ‘sweeper’. Qualifications include: current license to provide medical care by local, national officials (i.e. paramedics, emergency medical physicians/fellows, wilderness/austere/outdoor medicine, sports medicine physician with field experience, etc). Application are received and reviewed by the Medical Director with final approval by the Race Director.


Volunteers with experience driving off-road in 4×4 who are and capable and interested to safely traverse the rugged terrain of Big Bend Ranch State Park are encouraged to also join the team. A private vehicle is required under the following conditions: minimum passenger capacity 4 adults, fully functioning 4×4, regular storage space, insurance covering health/bodily damage and property damage; additional requirements may be added at the discretion of the race organizers. Drivers may be needed before, during, and after the race to support logistics. Gas stipend available for private vehicle use.

Media Personnel (photographers, video producers, journalists, PR)

Candidates with experience working in photography, video, or as a journalist, PR/Media are encouraged to apply. Media personnel are required to provide their own equipment with insurance if desired. Only a selected few spots are available as media personnel, subject to approval from the Race Director. Official Media ‘Sponsors/Partners’ may provide a up to 3 staff to cover the race or as other agreed upon.

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