2017 Video Highlights – Coming Soon!

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Official Finish Times

1. Adam Harmon​ – 35h 17m 47s *NEW COURSE RECORD
2. Sereena Trottier​ – 48h 49m 3s
3. Jess Kolko​ – 53h 28m 2s
3. Scott Maddeaux – 53h 28m 2s
4. Shelli Sexton​ – 61h 32m 20s
4. Rachael Kadell​ – 61h 32m 20s
5. Jonathan Culling​ – 63h 56m 37s
6. Julie Burges, DNF, Stage 1, CP3


Thank you to our TPU2017 partners​, Trail Toes Anti-Friction Foot and Body Products​, City of Alpine​, Alpine Chamber of Commerce​, Alpine Avalanche​, Visit Big Bend​, Come and Take It BBQ​, Museum of the Big Bend​, McDonald Observatory​, The Holland Hotel​, Quarter Circle 7 Hotel – Alpine​, Big Bend Brewing Company​, Big Bend Ranch State Park-Texas Parks and Wildlife​, Texas Parks and Wildlife​, UNM Wilderness, Austere, and International Emergency Medicine Fellowship​, Printco​, Saddle Club Alpine​, Alpine Auto Rental​ & all the volunteers, medics, and family who supported us.

2016 Video Highlights

Official Finish Times

105 – Thomas Karlick 39h 51m 11s
110 – Eric Chan 39h 55m 27s
109 – Paul Chan 42h 45m 10s
106 – Anne Wade 53h 15m 24s
107 – Vaughan Wade 53h 21m 8s
101 – Charles Saunders 59h 1m 56s
108 – Charlotte Harris 59h 25m 28s
103 – Cameron Cozac 59h 25m 31s
113 – Elise Sibley Chandler 71h 37m 23s
104 – Seth Goldstein 71h 39m 18s
112 – Jackson (Curtt Wilbourn) – DNF (Stage 4)
102 – Ashton Saunders – DNF (Stage 3)
111 – Dennis R. Sparkman – DNF (Stage 1)

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2015 Video Highlights

Official Finish Times

Thomas Mullins: 37hr 58mins
Molly Troy & Cheryl Tulkoff: 40hr 45 mins
Travis Rolph: 49hr 37 mins
Kristoffer Villamin: 53hr 56 mins
Patric Elders: 59hr 45 mins
Ian Shepherd: DNF (Stage 3)
Rachel Driver: DNF (Stage 3)
Niti Rohatgi: DNF (Stage 1)

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