Blog : Competitor FAQ

What is the expected level of experience?

Previous experience running the multi-stage format is not required. In fact, for most competitors this is the first such experience but one they will soon never forget. It is expected that each competitor have a background in general outdoor activity and some familiarity running technical and night running is beneficial. If you have a background in running, endurance sports, or fitness training and are comfortable running the marathon distance, you can do well in Trans-Pecos Ultra!

Can you explain the race format?

Trans-Pecos Ultra is a self-supported, multi-stage ultra marathon. Each of the 6 stages will vary in distance at approximately 26 miles (Stages 1-4), 50 miles (Stage 5, overnight) and 6 miles (Stage 6). Each of 7 days is basically a “mini-race” in which there is a start line and finish line but instead of going home you will sleep in a 10-person campsite that we setup each day. The other major difference is that participants are required to carry the own equipment and food throughout the entire race. Water will be provided at checkpoints every 6-10 miles and hot water is provided at nightly campsites.


The benefit of this format is that the fitness requirements are similar to that of a marathon with the added benefit of experiencing more over the week. Of course additional training is needed since the 26 mile distance is covered for the first four, consecutive days with a 50 mile stage on the 5th day. Of course this long stage is challenging but overnight checkpoints are available for sleeping which allows each competitor to choose their own pace and finish time (up to the 34 hour cut-off).